Canary Islands EVS Challenge

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Canary Islands EVS Challenge is a partnership building activity between organisations from different EU Countries, organised with a view to find new partners and work in the development of new EVS projects mainly around the topics of Environment and Holistic Health.

Eight organisations, with 2 representatives each, meet in Tenerife, Canary Islands, between 18th and 23rd Februray 2013 during 6 days, to work together in the conceptualization and development of innovative EVS projects (European Voluntary Service) designed with a special focus on benefiting youths in a situation of long term unemployment.

Participants are guided by a coach and a facilitator by means of non-formal education methods, through a complete process which will enable them to work in international groups to visualize, design and write their own project proposals. The training is complemented by a number of personal growth reflective activities. This will help them to fully integrate and make the most of the learning experience.

Our aim is to promote the creation of an international network of organisations willing to work together as Coordinating, Sending and Hosting Organisationsin in order to maximize the benefits of EVS, by making it easier for future EVS candidates to be able to access new positions abroad.

Through a number of outdoor activities and visits, participants familiarise themselves with the geographical, social and economic aspects of the Canary Islands, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for those wanting to work together in future EVS projects including this most southern European territory.

Main themes for this partnership building activity are Environment and Alternative/Holistic Health. However, as long as the projects have the ultimate aim of benefiting youths in long term unemployment, participants are also welcome to explore other areas of interest from the the following list: organizations with an interest : Animal welfare, European Awareness, Rural development, Non discrimination, Arts and Culture, Education through sport and outdoor activities, Minorities, Equal opportunities, Non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and Development Cooperation

This activity has been financed by the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission.

We have selected the following video which has served us as an inspiration to make this activity possible .

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