Training and Networking Events


Besides EVS and Youth Exchanges, Indicot is also involved in different type of Erasmus+ projects – Training and Networking Events. Indicot organizes and participates in different training and networking events here in Tenerife, as well as in other countries.


Youth worker’s training and networking is a mobility activity that supports professional development of youth workers, through the implementations of activities such as transnational/international seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits etc. or job shadowing/observation periods abroad in an organisation active in the youth field. All these activities are arranged by the organisations participating in the project (such as Indicot).
For example, between 4th and 10th of December, 2014 a training course called  “EABL Youth Leaders Canary Islands 2014″ took place in Candelaria, Tenerife and united all together 20 youth workers from 6 different European countries. The training course was funded by the Erasmus+ Program and organized by Indicot.


The objectives of this non-formal training course were to:
  • Promote active citizenship and the benefits of Erasmus+ projects among youngsters
  • Increase the recognition of non-formal education methods in general and methodologies of learning through experience and adventure (EABL), particularly as valid professional and personal development tool
  • Increase the number of trained youth leaders in EABL
  • Build capacity to work with different network organizations and strengthen the capacity of the network as a whole in order to increase the quality of current and future projects.