Polish night – cultural night at INDOCOT office


On Saturday 7. 12. 2013 we hosted a cultural event Polish night / Noche Polaca / Polska noc

Polish night was the event dedicated to all people who would like to get to know Poland, its delicious food, beautiful landscapes and open people. During this evening we took an amazing journey across Polish traditions, music and habits. There was time to break all stereotypes and for those who are free of them, it was a chance to see why this European country is worth to visit and explore.


Host of this event was our EVS volutneer Agata and throught the night she introduce us  to Polish history, her home city Bydgoszcz and her work as a volunteer here in Tenerife and Indicot. And of course we tasted a lot of Polish specialities such a pierogi or sernik (cheesecake).


We hosted around 40 guests, mostly from Spain but not only, there were people from Bulgaria, Irlandia and Italy as well and few people who spend some time in Poland also.


Our  guests often asked questions about Poland and were really curious about Polish culture. The event let them know more about Poland and its hospitality.