¿What is the European Voluntary Service?

The European Voluntary Service, commonly called EVS, is part of the ERASMUS PLUS programme of the EU, and part of the former Youth in Action Programme, and allows you to join a cultural, educational, social or environmental project in another country as a volunteer to assist in achieving the objectives and carrying out activities. EVS gives you the opportunity to live for some time in a different country, where you will be able to further your learning and career prospects, working in something you’re passionate about, and where you will also be able to learn or improve a language.

EVS is not a paid service but the following aspects are covered: 90% of the travel expenses, accommodation and meals, internal transport, monthly pocket money, linguistic support and health and accident insurance.


  1. You must have a nationality of any Member State of the European Union.
  2. You must be between 18 or 30 years old
  3. You must be highly motivated, the sort of person who think that if you really want … you can

If you meet these requirements, we want to help you live this experience.

Each volunteering position requires a host organisation abroad (where the service is performed) and a sending organisation. INDICOT can perform as both a sending and a hosting organisation. There is a high number of positions published by non-profit organisations both in Europe and in other parts of the world, but there is also a high level of demand and therefore competition to access to these positions.

In INDICOT we help local youngsters to find an EVS position abroad and also open positions at the local level for candidates residents in other regions of the EU.

As part of our EVS work, we have created INDICOT SVE INFO DESK, an Advisory and Support Centre for the European Voluntary Service at regional level, designed to facilites local youngsters access to an EVS positions abroad.

This service helps local youngster at each step of the process, so that they can maximise their changes of finding an EVS position abroad.

The first step in the process is to contact the host organisation abroad and to be selected by them for one of the vacant positions. This can at time be a bit tedious, and that is why we offer our support for local youngsters, who specially benefit from our assistance in this part of the process.

Once the volunteer has been accepted by the host organisation , we’ll also look after every single detail of the process and paperwork in coordination and constant communication with the host organisation .

For more information or to ask for appointment with our SVE advisory service local youngsters can register with us on and a member of our team will contact them shortly.

You can also follow us on our facebook portal www.facebook/trabajandoxelmundo or on Google Plus Trabajandoxelmundo where we regularly publish opportunities abroad.